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Eaton Central Skin Clinic

Did you know by the age of 70, approximately 2 in 3 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer?

Eaton Central 7 Day Family Practice is a Medical Centre located in the Heart of Eatons Hill. As a family practice, we provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages and your doctors have experience in diagnosing a wide range of illnesses and complex issues by using both patient symptoms and family history. Finding a doctor who is empathetic, understands and can relate to both you and your family is what will help you get primary care when you require it. To this goal, we aim to provide excellence in care, hosting a range of practitioners with different backgrounds and experiences so that you can build an understanding and long-term patient-doctor relationship.

We offer 7-day care at the Eatons Hill Medical Centre with extended hours from 7:00AM to 6:00PM Monday through Friday. Our goals at Eaton Central 7Day Family Practice include offering excellence in service, with core values of service, empathy and respect to all patients. In adhering to these core principals, service to our patients from the first time we are contacted is our priority. The doctors at Eaton Central work independently and autonomously, supported by the nursing staff and admin to provide a wholesome service with care and empathy, to give each patient who visits Eaton Central 7Day Family Practice the respect and treatment they deserve.

The Doctors at Eatons Hill offer general practice support in a family friendly environment. The doctors working at Eaton Central are autonomous, where the practice aims to support their special interests and training to ensure a amicable and relaxed environment for the doctors, helping to promote full focus on the patient by the doctors. The Eatons Hill Doctors come from a variety of nationalities with a range of backgrounds and experience, helping you find a doctor you can trust and build rapport with.

With a wide range of experiences, the doctors at Eatons Hill are well equipped to provide you with the advice you need. If you are looking for advice on general health and wellbeing, medical certificates or prescription medication through to family planning, mental health support and chronic disease management, you can be reassured your practitioner has the knowledge and contacts to ensure you are cared for and feel the best you can. All supporting staff endeavour to support the doctors in their special interests, our website provides a short overview of further skills and passions that each doctor holds.

Doctor Alireza Afrasiabi leads Eaton Central Skin Clinic, with the help of longstanding practitioners Nima Nemati and Homa Askari. This team of qualified make and female GPs ensure that you have excellence in skin cancer care and treatment. Doctor Afrasiabi has further qualifications with the Australasian College of Skin Cancer Medicine, providing him with the qualifications, support and experience to perform more difficult surgeries including skin flaps on conspicuous areas of the body.

Eatons Hill and the area surrounding the Eatons Hill Medical Centre is not only growing in population, but the amenities we now have access to in Eatons Hill are also steadily improving. At Eatons Hill Family Practice, we also offer allied health services on set days throughout the week, and in the precinct, you have the well respected Alfina’s Cake and Coffee shop, Lollipop Cake Supplies and the Baan Phaya Thai Restaurant amongst others. With ample parking and easy disabled access, finding us behind the 7Eleven on Bunya Park Drive is simple at any time we are open.


Eaton Central 7Day Family Practice is a mixed billing practice.

The following is a list of demographics and consultation types we bulk bill on weekdays:

  1. Children Under 16 years
  2. Concession Card Holders (Pen/HCC/Common Senior)

Indicative consultation fees are listed below. Fees and rebates remain at the individual doctor's discretion and in line with Medicare requirements.

Indicative Private Fee Schedule Monday to Friday

Consult type Patient Cost Medicare Rebate
Standard Consult - Weekday starting at $90 Rebate Available*
Telephone Consult - Weekday starting at $95 Rebate Available*
Long Consult - Weekday starting at $170 Rebate Available*

* Medicare rebates are available for persons with a valid medicare card for applicable services. We provide services that allow rebates to be applied on the day of the consult, however there are a minority of occasions where the rebate can not be applied on the day.

The medicare rebate for a standard consultation starts at $41.40.

The medicare rebate for a long appointment starts at $80.10.