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Dr. Nima Nemati graduated from Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences in Iran in 2002 after completing a medical doctorate (MD), and worked as a general practitioner in Iran until migrating to Australia in 2010 to further his medical career. He has been a member of the royal college of GPs (RACGP) and working in Australia as a general practitioner since 2011. He completed the exams of Australian Medical Council (AMC) in 2012, and successfully became a fellow of the Royal Australian College of GPs (FRACGP) in 2013.

He has kept developing his medical skills in Australia by attending courses and obtaining certificates especially in skin cancer surgery and mental health management. His special interests include skin cancer diagnosis & surgery, management of mental health conditions, management of chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, kidney impairment and asthma.

Certificate in Primary Skin Cancer Medicine in 2011, and Certificate in Primary Skin Cancer Surgery in 2014.